Author: Chara Marie

vegan zoats

Healthy Vegan Breakfast: Zoats

Depending on the day, sometimes a green smoothie will cut it for breakfast and sometimes, it’s gotta be something a little….heartier. On the flip side,

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booty workout

Booty Cardio Workout

Tested, tried and true, 24 minutes is all you need to feel the booty burn! TBH- I’ve had to stand up and stretch a few

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Super Food Caesar Salad

Out of all my meal plan recipes, my clients love this one the most. Not going to lie….so do I. The simplicity, the health benefits,

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vegan sushi

Quick & Easy Vegan Sushi

This recipe is for my snackers, my social mamas who like to host dinner parties, for my last minute ladies who said they’d bring an

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