Your Body Confident Coach

Major lasting results, all begin with 1 small step.

With a little support, the best version of you, is right around the corner. 

  In a world of constant change, one thing remains the same, the need for unconditional love and support in order to break through our barriers achieving what we once thought was impossible.

Personal Coaching is designed for those who are looking for support when wanting to improve their overall health and wellness. Together we build a program completely custom to your goals, lifestyle and health ailments you may be struggling with- supporting lasting results.
Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly check-ins, you have a professional health coach in your corner keeping your accountable.

  • One 60 minute in depth consultation w/ lifestyle assessment
  • Weekly, bi daily, or daily check in's and follow ups (number of sessions depend on package chosen and needs of client)
  • Follow up email with action plan after every scheduled follow up
  • Body Confident 6 week Fitness Program
  • Body Confident Nutrition Program
  • Body Confident Clean Eating Recipe Book
  • Primary access to pre sale tickets to events and bootcamp classes
  • Private access to weekly nutrition and fitness Go-Live discussions

Why will it work?

  • One-on-one coaching will help keep you accountable to the program and goals we set together
  • Your specific goals and timelines will be considered during the initial consultation and I’ll work these into your customized plan to guarantee success
  • Studies show being accountable to someone increases your success rate by 65% and raise to 95% when you have a specific appointment for an accountability check-in.
  • A goal setting sheet will help keep your objectives clear and support faster, more efficient results
  • The fitness and nutrition plan will supply you with guidance, clarity, and a goal supporting plan to keep you on track and propelling forward
  • Make the commitment, take the leap, and start your journey to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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*Package prices vary according to each client’s wants and needs.