Nutrition Package

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By purchasing this program you will confidently walk away with the tools, knowledge, and support to not only reach your health goals but exceed them.

Sometimes as humans, we need our butts kicked a bit and a plan in place to get us started. As we progress, a little flexibility to cater to our individual wants and needs is essential! Most often this flexibility is the missing ingredient to why most meal plans fail. The Body Confident Nutrition program provides you with a 6-week easy to follow meal plan AND a bonus chapter providing you with the knowledge and support to create your own personalized meal plan catering to your individual taste and goals! 

I’ll be answering all the essential questions of leading a cleaner, healthier lifestyle such as:

-What to order in a restaurant

-How to overcome overeating and sugar addiction

-What to eat when

-How to boost your metabolism and digestion

-How to optimize the nutritional content in meals

-What to eat before and after a workout

-How to make clean eating easy and attainable. 



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