5 Day Challenge

5 days.

3 mini daily challenges.

See the difference.

With a nutrition, wellness and fitness challenge being sent to your inbox everyday.  The 5 day challenge is about staying on top of your fitness and endurance goals while improving your relationship with food and your body.




5 Day Challenge


What is it?

A daily email sent to your inbox with a mini fitness, nutrition and wellness challenge.

Who this is for:

Want to ditch sugar? Stop mindlessly snacking and/or overeating? Get clear on your goals and get out of old habits? Yup, you can kick start all of this in 5 days!

Those wanting to drop a few pounds, stay on top of their fitness goals while improving their relationship with food and their bodies.

After 5 days you’ll notice:

  • Increased energy
  • Loss of weight
  • Less sugar cravings
  • A new sense of confidence when making food choices, going into a workout and they way you feel about your body.

How it works:

You can start ANYTIME.

After you purchase, you will receive your first daily challenge email with the following challenges delivered to your inbox each morning 6:00am.

Every day tag @chara.marie in a photo or video of you taking part in the challenge to be entered to win a monthly prize of my favorite products!

This can look like:

-a photo of a recipe you made from the challenge
-a video or photo of you doing your daily movement challenge or a sweaty selfie post work out 🙂
-a photo or video talking about the challenge
Those who tag @chara.marie every day about their challenge will be automatically entered to win the grand prize.

That’s it!

Ready to get started!?


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