Body Confident 5 Week Transformation

The Body Confident 5 Week Transformation guide is a 5 week meal and fitness plan created for those looking to lose weight and authentically feel their best without dieting, over exercising or following the latest trend.
Everything from what to shop for, what to order when eating out, how to break up with overeating and sugar addiction and so much more empowers you to make decisions that support your health and weight loss efforts without the bi product of binging or being anti social.


Body Confident 5 Week Transformation


Tried and true, this guide sets you up for long lasting results using attainable workouts, recipes and lifestyle tips and tricks. In the first chapter of each ebook you will gain the tools on how to propel your success.


weekly meal plans

weekly grocery shopping lists

meal prep steps

weekly workouts

goal setting sheet to keep you motivated and accountable

access to a secret Facebook group with the community of other women who are enrolled in the Body Confident Transformation guide

**A one-on-one coaching session with Chara to kickstart your progress and get clear on what you’re looking to achieve out of this program**


Whether your just starting your health journey or you are many years is, the accountability of this program is guaranteed to produce lasting results.

The emphasis on a whole food diet and diverse exercise program promotes not just weight loss but clear skin, increased energy and mood, better sleep, and more productivity in your day to day life.

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