Body Confident Fitness Program

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The Body Confident Fitness program contains easy to follow exercises for people of all athletic abilities. Whether you’re new to working out or advanced, everyone can get the results their looking for!

6 weeks of guided workouts you can preform in the gym, the comfort of your home, hotel room, beach, jungle, rooftop….wherever you choose to get your sweat on! The program encourages you to fit in fitness whenever, wherever you please as long as you’re gettin’ the job done!

Hello results!

I supply the workouts, you match them with your schedule and you my friend, are off to the races.

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Body Confident Fitness Program



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Looking for further support?

Pair the Body Confident Fitness program w/ the Body Confident Nutrition program for optimal results!

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1 review for Body Confident Fitness Program

  1. Abilee Danielson

    Chara’s Body Confident Fitness program was fantastic! I was nervous at first, but her encouragement, humour, and clarity enabled me to jump right in and stick with it for the full six weeks. By the end, my clothes fit better, my confidence was boosted, I even noticed improvements in other aspects of my life, including my sleep, stress, performance in soccer, and ability to focus at work. Having the regular exercise and easy scheduling template took all the hard work of “getting started” right out of the mix. I’m happy to say I’ve managed to keep up with exercising and continue to incorporate Chara’s workouts into my daily routine.

    Thanks so much!!!

    Abilee Danielson
    Occupational Therapist

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