Clean & Easy Summer Snacks

Clean & Easy Summer Snacks

Potluck ideas, what to bring to a bbq, picnic and snack recipes… any of these ringing a bell in your latest Pinterest search?


This could be because the ol’ grab a store-made-dip and some potato chips are starting to take their toll on how your daisy dukes are fitting.

Summer is all about relaxing, weekend getaways, enjoying company, and kicking back. This comes hand in hand with wanting to spend more time outside and less time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this also comes with a cost of a few summer pounds due to reaching for junk food and pre-packaged items.

I get it, it’s so much easier to reach for a bag of chips and a canned bevy then to cut up some veggies and put together a clean cocktail. But do you know what’s not easier? Spending hours in the gym running off those summer decisions.

A couple minutes here and there when it comes to healthy food prepping can make the world of a difference to your health and summer slim-down goals. Believe me, I love to cook but in the summer I’d much rather spend my time sitting around the table with friends and family engaging in each other’s company then in the kitchen.

To help you stay on track, I’ve hand-selected a few of my favorite quick, clean, and easy summer recipes that you can throw together and spend more time enjoying your summer to the absolute fullest.


Cashew Pistachio Cheese
I love charcuterie boards! It’s a tradition and staple at my family cabin in the summer. When I became plant-based I gave up on the idea altogether, until discovering this incredibly easy dish! I have brought it with me to various social events and time after time it is a hit! No one would ever believe how easy it to make.

Perfect for:
Adding to charcuterie boards or creating your own vegan board
Picnics & beach dinners
When your friend asks you to bring an appy and you have no idea what to make


Cranberry Pistachio Cheese Spread Recipe


Mediterranean Hummus Platter
Move over layer dip! Yeah, you heard me. Bold statement, I know! But this Mediterranean layer dip is one to write home about. Incredibly easy to throw together and perfect for large groups.

Perfect for:
A big crowd on a little budget, they’ll never know
Happy Hour
Potluck, it can almost double as a salad…kinda.

Mediterranean Hummus Platter Recipe


Vegan Tzatziki Dip w/ Endive cups
This versatile dish can be enjoyed as a dip on its own or pairs excellently with bbq veggies. Did someone say Greek night? Grab the toga and count me in!

Perfect for:
Impressing guests with the cutest zero calorie ‘crackers’ they’ve never heard of
Serving with BBQ’d veggies and Greek-style rice or potatoes for a vegan ‘souvlaki’ platter
Too much hummus (is there such a thing?) and probably needing to switch it up

Vegan Tzatziki Dip w/ Endive Cups Recipe


Talk about quick, easy and full of flavor. This is my go-to summer snack. An Incredibly refreshing twist on the already satisfying summer staple. Give yourself a pat on the back when serving this one up and seeing the satisfaction of your guests.

Perfect for:
Mid-afternoon refresher
Great addition to a vodka soda 😉
The morning following a few too many ‘sodas’


2 cups water melon

1/4 cup mint finely diced

Juice from 1 lime


Grilled Avocado Bruschetta
Avocado? Yum. Bruschetta? Yum. Let’s mix em’ up and make it clean and hearty.
An Italian twist on this Mexican salsa. Or is it a Mexican Twist on an Italian appy? Either way, you’ll love the simplicity of this delicious appy. Cut out the avocado and serve with endive cups or sprouted gluten-free crackers for more of a dip.

Perfect for:
Need an appy, stat!
Turn it into a meal by adding it to a gluten-free wrap or pita with hummus, vegan tzatziki and/or grilled veggies
Add gluten-free noodles to turn it into an Italian pasta salad

Grilled Avocado Bruschette Recipe

Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Sometimes carrot and celery sticks don’t quite make the cut for a satiating snack. On days where you’re constantly on the go your body can often crave something a little sweet for some fast acting energy. This is where packaged bars tend to become appetizing. It’s also where your diet can take a turn for the worst. Opt for a clean energy boosting snack such as these energy balls to keep you on track mentally and physically.

Perfect for:

RE: Potluck- bring dessert

Keep a few in your purse (or murse) to cure a case of the hangries

Going on a hike!

Carrot Cake Energy Balls Recipe



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