Weight Loss Smoothie Guide

Drinking smoothies are healthy right? They support weight loss don’t they?

If you’re making them following these guidelines then absolutely!

Let’s get it straight. Just because it’s blended and possibly green, doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, there are plenty of common mistakes that you may be making, that can trigger weight gain.

Frustrating right?!

I’m here to clear that up and give you a straight forward formula┬áin making weight loss supporting smoothies that taste deeeeelicious and actually propel you towards your weight loss goals.

See below to see what’s included and what you can except!


Weight Loss Smoothie Guide

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  • The tools and confidence to make smoothies that taste good and keep you full all morning long
  • The knowledge of what to stay away from when making your morning bevy
  • How to prepare your smoothies ahead of time for busy mornings (no more stops at the bakery on your way to work!)
  • Weight loss, increased energy, clear skin, better digestion, and a whole lot of feeling your best!



  • The secret weight loss smoothie formula
  • Tricks to making your smoothies more attainable which = RESULTS!
  • A list of weight loss supporting ingredients to choose from
  • 10 weight loss smoothie recipes to get you started

All for the price of well, a smoothie! Except this $9 works for you and long-term! Probably the cheapest investment you’ll have ever made that actually produces results.

Join the community that is making strides to lose weight and get results every single day.

As you know, it all starts with 1 healthy meal at a time.

Now is your time!


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