November Challenge

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End the year with a bang and start 2019 looking and feeling the best you ever have!


Want to lose weight?

Slim down & gain lean toned muscles?

Eat healthy & feel energized?

Clear skin, stronger hair and nails, & feel better then ever before?

I want that for you too!


Which is why I came up with this challenge. The fall is the perfect time for change and as Christmas quickly approaches (whether we like to admit it or not) winter getaways, family gatherings and ringing in the new year are right around the corner. Come December, I want you to be looking and feeling your absolute best making your cousin’s wife incredibly jealous. You’re welcome.  


The Challenge:

Participants of the November challenge will commit to following the 6 week workout guide. This includes working out 4-5 days a week (some of the workouts being only 21 mins!).  

Challengers will commit to eating a clean, balanced diet, limiting their intake of a small list of foods provided.

That’s it!


What you get:

Body Confident 6 week workout program

Body Confident 5 week meal guide 

Entrance to the secret November Challenge facebook page:

  • Weekly motivating videos from your coach!
  • Weekly clean, weight loss supporting recipes
  • Tips & tricks to boost your results
  • A chance to submit your questions to Chara and have them answered on the weekly video.
  • A supportive community to keep your motivated and accountable throughout the challenge. 

Why it works:

-Weekly check in’s to keep you accountable and on top of your goals.

-Little wiggle room & flexibility because, well, life happens but we come prepared so when you’re friend’s bday dinner rolls around, you’re not taking 5 steps back.

-Workout guide complements your schedule = Attainability= No excuses.

-Weight loss designed, metabolism revving nutrition program takes the thought process of how to eat clean. Follow the guide, eat delicious meals, see results!

-You got questions. I’ve got answers. ANYTIME throughout the program, email me your questions and comments and they will be addressed in the weekly video posted in the secret Facebook group. 


Get that tight holiday dress out (the one you promise yourself every year you’ll wear but opt for a loosely fit blouse instead) ready! Because this season is allll about ringing in the new year with a new attitude toward how you look and feel.


First 10 people to sign up get a copy of the Body Confident Recipe Book



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