Body Confident Fitness Program + Bi Weekly Accountability Coaching

If you have the discipline to stick to a workout program, then good on your GF! God speed!

For the rest of us who benefit from a little accountability, this package is here to support you!

About the fitness program:

The Body Confident Fitness program contains easy to follow exercises for people of all athletic abilities. Whether you’re new to working out or advanced, everyone can get the results their looking for!

6 weeks of guided workouts you can preform in the gym, the comfort of your home, hotel room, beach, jungle, rooftop….wherever you choose to get your sweat on! The program encourages you to fit in fitness whenever, wherever you please as long as you’re gettin’ the job done!

About the accountability: 2x 30 minute coaching sessions

Through working with my clients, one result producing factor always stays consistent is accountability. Having someone to stay accountable to will ensure you’re not skipping out or taking the short cut when it comes to working out, eating well and pursuing your goals.

We will kick off the program by hoping on a call to discuss your goals, nutrition and lifestyle habits ensuring you are getting the most out of your efforts. A second call will take place after week 2 to keep your motivation and momentum going strong.  + Additional accountability is available for those seeking it. 

$89.99 $64.99

Body Confident Fitness Program + Bi Weekly Accountability Coaching



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Looking for further support?

Pair the Body Confident Fitness program w/ the Body Confident Nutrition program for optimal results!

Click here if you’re a go-getter who wants it all!




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