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Group Coaching

This product is for new members only as a 3 month minimum is required when first joining group coaching.

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Group Coaching Sign up




Group coaching is a cost affective alternative to the one-on-one coaching style, where Chara facilitates and coaches a small group together on a bi weekly basis. This is a high value and lower cost option to nutrition, fitness, and weight loss coaching.


•Power of Community: Group coaching has been shown to improve motivation, increase accountability and result in long lasting change.

•Accountability: Group coaching keeps your goals fresh in your mind and accountable to support and be supported by the other members and your coach.


What’s included?

-Bi weekly calls with Chara and other premium members (read more about the calls below)*

-Bi weekly meal plans & workouts delivered to your inbox -Detailed goals setting sheets to be filled out during the calls.

-The opportunity to submit and have your questions answered on the calls -Email recaps after each call which includes reiterating items discussed, and tools to support progress such as blogs, meditations, additional recipes etc.

-The accountability of not only a nutritionist, fitness coach and weight loss expert but of this incredible community.

Non Almost 30 members: $70 usd /mo

Almost 30 members: $50 usd / mo

*3 month min sign up required for new members*


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