Body Confident Lifestyle

Are you an ambitious go-getter who wants it all?

You've come to the right place!

The Body Confident Lifestyle Program is everything you need to start, continue or advance your health and fitness
journey. It covers the three most important aspects to becoming successful in reaching your goals. Unlike other fitness
and nutrition programs, you’ll become educated about the methods used so that you can advance your goals after
you’ve completed the program.


What do you get?

  • 1x 60-minute consultation with Chara discussing your current habits, lifestyle, fitness routine and abilities, and health and fitness goals
  • A custom meal plan that compliments your lifestyle and supports your goals
  • Revision to your meal plan if there is anything you don’t absolutely love
  • A list of pantry staples and their benefits
  • Tips and tricks to overcoming sugar addiction and overeating and how to use your mentality to drive success
  • A strategic method of what to eat when to ensure you are getting the most out of your plan
  • Customized fitness plan built around your schedule, experience and goals
  • 3x 20-minute follow-ups to keep you accountable to your plan (valid for 2 months after initial consultation meeting)
  • For the price of $349.99

Why will it work?

  • You’ll be given the complete toolkit needed to create a healthy, happy lifestyle
  • You’ll be provided with six weeks of workouts to match your schedule and support you as you exceed your fitness goals
  • A four week meal plan will be provided full of easy to prepare, balanced, plant-based meals that will boost your metabolism, support building lean muscles and optimize overall health
  • Unlike most fitness and nutrition plans, you’ll be given a bonus chapter on mentality to ensure you keep your motivation high, your goals in sight and willpower strong