full body workout video

Full Body Burn – Resistance Band Workout

full body workout video

Resistance bands- Gotta love em’!

An incredibly easy and convenient way to get in a solid work out wherever you are!

I take my resistance bands with me EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere. They’re the first thing I pack and not just for the sake of working out. Resistance bands are great for stretching too!

BUT today is not a rest day, so let’s get into it!

Why you’ll love this workout

  • You can do it anywhere!
  • Targets all major muscle groups. Hello toned legs, arms & abs!
  • A touch of cardio to kick your heart rate up promoting stronger endurance and increased fat burning
  • Because you’ll be using a timer, no need for counting or keeping track of your reps. All you have to do is focus on the exercise at hand!


Focus on your breathing. Big breath in through the nose, out through the mouth when the going gets tough. Getting deep breaths in will allow you to go harder, faster and longer!

🔹Full Body Band Workout🔹
1. Set your interval timer for 40 seconds high and 10 seconds low.
2. Preform each exercises listed in the round for 40 seconds.
3. Take a 10 second break and get in position for the next move.
4. Preform each round 3x through.

🌟Round 1🌟
Frontal raise to fly
Lateral raise to fly
Jumping jacks

🌟Round 2🌟
Side step squat
Squat with Abductor
Squat with kickback

🌟Round 3🌟
Inch worm
Tricep push up
Mountain climbers

🌟Round 4🌟
Kickback with band right
Kickback with band left
Jump squats

🌟Round 4🌟
Plank side step to leg raise
V sit up Abductor
Sit up w/ arms above head
Russian twist

Catch the video here!

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