Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys

Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys

For the most part, we health-conscious men and women cook our own meals and craft our own cocktails. But sometimes, things come up and we gotta go with the flow and cease the moment.


Even good ol’ Martha Stewart occasionally dips into the supermarket for a frozen pizza and a 6 pack. The important thing is making an educated decision about your purchase so you’re not setting yourself, and your progress way, way back.
I did some research, spoke to some companies and came up with a list I have found to be the best choices for convenient beverages found in liquor stores.

Remember, most of the companies will advertise that there’s no artificial flavours or sweeteners but marketing has a tricky way around things. If you have the option, always prepare your drinks at home so you know exactly what’s in them. But on the rare occasion where you don’t have time, opt for one of these choices.


Available in 3 different flavours, lemon cucumber mint, pineapple mango and ginger lime. Boasting at only 80 calories per can, these bevy’s are fresh, light, and not sweet at all, which is such a nice change coming from a canned beverage.





100 calories per serving, 2 g of carbs and 1 g of sugars. Available in 3 refreshing flavours, Colima Lime, Pomegranate and Grapefruit Palmelo, it’s nice to have a refreshing, not-so-sweet, convenient beverage in a bottle opposed to a can.





You may have seen super model Alexandra Ambrossio promoting one of these hydrating bevy’s that states to have no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors added. VoCo is only available in select states in the US. For us here in BC we have a similar alternative, Coco Frio.





It was love at first sip with Coco Frío. I love how it’s made from a small-batch vodka, distilled here in BC. They claim to have no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours and made from young coconut water. Cool Frio can be found at select restaurants, bars, and private liquor stores across BC.





I feel like every time I walk into a liquor store there are 15 new beers available. It can be overwhelming to say the least, especially when trying to pick a healthy beer option.



Here are a few things to keep in mind when watching your waistline and picking up a 6 pack.

Go Gluten Free


To lessen bloating and for celiacs, it’s nice to see a few options of gluten-free beer starting hit the shelves in liquor stores. More and more micro breweries are coming up with tasty gluten and wheat free beers giving more options to those with sensitivities.

Go Local


One way to make sure you’re getting a clean, quality ingredients beer is to go local! Mirco breweries are becoming more and more popular. Look one up and get to know their master brewer. These guys are passionate and take pride in their brew, so I’m sure they’d be stoked to answer any questions you may have.

Go Organic

Organic beer is made with ingredients such as hops and barley that are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It supports our environment too as organic agriculture doesn’t contribute to chemical runoff that contaminates water sources and the ecosystems it supports. Organic master brewers have stated they believe organic beer taste better due to the organic ingredients contributing to better fermentation.


Keep It Dark

Darker, lower % beers are better for you as they have less sugar (less calories) compared to higher %, clearer beers. The process to produce the beer takes longer with clearer beers so there’s more sugar being eaten and wheat to produce it. Where as the darker beer is quicker to make and uses less ingredients.



Hope you enjoy my take on healthy bevy alternatives!

Leave your comments below of your favs!


Love Chara


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Let's work together to help achieve your health, nutrition, fitness or lifestyle goals!