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5 Dumbbell Exercises For Upper Body To Improve Posture

Sexy arms. Let’s talk about it💪🏽

Upper body is an area I love focusing on. There’s something about working the arms, back & shoulders that makes me feel strong & sexy.

Exercises like the ones listed in this workout, not only promote the ‘feelin’ myself type-of-way’ vibes but aid in strengthening the core and keeping good posture.

Why is good posture important?

Not only does a good posture give off the boss babe vibes, but it keep our bones and joints in alignment allowing our muscles to to engage, strengthen, and be used more efficiently. This is incredibly important for long term wear and tear as the older we get, we are more prone we are to becoming hunched over increasing back and neck pain.

Sitting up tall actually takes less energy then having our back arched and our shoulders caved in, even though it may not always seem like it. Good posture allows our muscles to be in alignment, which requires less energy then being strained when slouched over.

Having a strong tall posture doesn’t just provide benefits for our inner bodies, it also goes hand in hang in one’s confidence and they way they carry themselves. Ever notice when a power house walks into a room? They make a statement without having to say a thing. That all begins with posture.

This workout promotes great posture as each move requires you to activate and strengthen your back, shoulders and arm muscles. Perfect for those who spend most of their day sitting hunched over a computer.

So all my working-at-a-desk-all-day babes, save this workout & set reminders on your phone to sit up straight, shoulder backs and boss babe it out.

I recommend performing a workout like this, dedicated to the upper body at least 1x week & incorporating a few of these moves in your full body workout days.

All you need it 2 dumbbells & a little bit of space. Great to do at home or when the gym is busy & you feel overwhelmed.

Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise back to back. Once completed the round, take a 1 min break before repeating for a total of 3x.

Round 1

-palms out row

-palms in overhead press

Round 2

-single arm frontal raise to lateral raise

-other side

Round 3

-single arm curl to press

-other side

-overhead shoulder press

Round 4

-frontal raise

-tricep extension

Round 5

-single arm hammer curl

-other side

-alternating elbow out row

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Sending love on your wellness journey!

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1-on-1 Coaching

Let's work together to help achieve your health, nutrition, fitness or lifestyle goals!