No Booze, No Problem!

No Booze, No Problem! Healthy Year-Round Mocktails!   When trying to reach new weight loss and fitness goals, it is absolutely necessary to cut back or eliminate alcohol.  I know, not exactly what everyone wants to hear. I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule, but if you’re looking to achieve

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Grated Apple Energy Bites

Grated Apple Energy Bites Not your average energy bites!   The bulk of these tasty little guys is grated apple, keeping them low calorie with an extra boost of nutrients.  We see apples everywhere, all season long but what are the nutrients these underrated fruits have to offer?   Some

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Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys

Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys For the most part, we health-conscious men and women cook our own meals and craft our own cocktails. But sometimes, things come up and we gotta go with the flow and cease the moment.   Even good ol’ Martha Stewart occasionally dips

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9 Tips to Avoid Summer Weight Gain

9 Tips to Avoid Summer Weight Gain Who doesn’t love summer? Beach BBQ’s, weekend getaways, afternoons spent sharing pitchers on the patio…ah, the best of times. BUT it can also be the highest calorie of times.   As summer starts to approach, we put our nose to the grindstone and

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Being Plant Based and Social

Being Plant Based and Social It’s 5 days before our annual ladies weekend commences and the group chat is buzzing off the hook. Everyone’s excited to get their drink on, bask in the sun, bath in the lake and feast on chips and dip. I, on the other hand, sway

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Staying Clear Of Holiday Love Handles

Staying Clear Of Holiday Love Handles Never-ending Christmas parties, get-togethers with friends from out of town, drinks with co-workers for the sake of the ‘holiday spirit’… No wonder the couple weeks leading up to Christmas cause more weight gain than any other time of year… combined! I posted this graph

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