Why Meal Planning Is Worth Your Time

Why Meal Planning Is Worth Your Time “Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.”   We’ve heard it before, but have we really taken it in? Thought about it? Or put it into action? During your weight loss journey, it often feels like it’s you against the world.  Searching

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Humm-Yes 2 Ways!

Humm-Yes 2 Ways! If there was a Hummus Anonymous, I would or should attend.  Every night.  BUT I have no plan or desire to overcome this addiction because the love is too strong!    My boyfriend and I have researched and researched how to make homemade hummus taste as good

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Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed Everyday

Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed Everyday  Learn how to start each day in a great mood so you stay on top of your goals. Learn how it can affect your weight loss efforts and improve your life.    Some days we wake up and the world

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No Booze, No Problem!

No Booze, No Problem! Healthy Year-Round Mocktails!   When trying to reach new weight loss and fitness goals, it is absolutely necessary to cut back or eliminate alcohol.  I know, not exactly what everyone wants to hear. I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule, but if you’re looking to achieve

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Grated Apple Energy Bites

Grated Apple Energy Bites Not your average energy bites!   The bulk of these tasty little guys is grated apple, keeping them low calorie with an extra boost of nutrients.  We see apples everywhere, all season long but what are the nutrients these underrated fruits have to offer?   Some

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Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys

Best Options For Convenient Canned & Bottled Bevys For the most part, we health-conscious men and women cook our own meals and craft our own cocktails. But sometimes, things come up and we gotta go with the flow and cease the moment.   Even good ol’ Martha Stewart occasionally dips

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