Why Parq Is My Go-To Health & Wellness Hotel

One of the most common hurdles my clients face when trying to reach their health and wellness goals is traveling for work.     Most of the time, it’s not the flights or long conference days, it’s the unhealthy meals and lack of exercise that accompanies their accommodation.  Having traveled

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Lessons (Retreat Part 2)

It wasn’t until the plane had landed and I was walking across the tarmac that it sunk in. I am here, in Mexico, for 2 weeks, alone.   The feeling that came over me wasn’t fear or loneliness, it was of reassurance. I have never felt so comforting in the

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The Breakdown That Changed My Life (Retreat Intro)

Prelude: 4 weeks ago I returned home from a trip that changed my life. It’s taken me a few weeks to gain the courage to share my experience but now I am more ready than ever and so excited to share the journey with you! I documented my struggles and

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I Can’t Believe This Is Healthy- Mousse!

Sometimes it happens when we’re sitting on the couch watching a movie. Sometimes after a nice dinner out.  No matter where we are, when that sweet tooth hits, sometimes, there’s just no way around it.   It can take over our whole body and mind.  All of a sudden we become

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Why Meal Planning Is Worth Your Time

“Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.”   We’ve heard it before, but have we really taken it in? Thought about it? Or put it into action? During your weight loss journey, it often feels like it’s you against the world.  Searching for healthy food on the go can

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Humm-Yes 2 Ways!

If there was a Hummus Anonymous, I would or should attend.  Every night.  BUT I have no plan or desire to overcome this addiction because the love is too strong!      My boyfriend and I have researched and researched how to make homemade hummus taste as good as store

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